The CBRS Microscopy and Imaging Facility provides extensive microscopy equipment and services for ultra-structural analysis of a variety of sample types. The facility offers assisted use and training on its instrumentation and consultations on microscopy- and spectroscopy-related research.

Our facility is dedicated to providing access to both standard and high-end imaging instrumentation to all levels of user in all disciplines.

Equipment in the facility includes: scanning and transmission electron microscopes, confocal, super-resolution, multiphoton, and wide-field fluorescence microscopes, cryo, paraffin, ultra microtomes, laser micro-dissection, a stereology system, and multiple compound light microscopes and stereoscopes. Furthermore, the facility provides state of the art image processing and analysis software. The Microscopy and Imaging Facility also manages the Flow Cytometry Laboratory which houses several instruments capable of fluorescence-based cell analysis and cell sorting.

Please contact a member of our staff for inquiries about instrument specifications or to schedule training. We look forward to working with you.