Multiphoton Microscope

Nikon A1R Dual Beam Large Format Multiphoton System

The A1R dual beam large format multiphoton system uses infrared excitation to image through thick samples, including intravital imaging of multiple animal species. It has a large stage area with an open architecture to accommodate large stereotactic equipment, treadmills and other devices.  It also has automated focus and stage control. The system has an A1R MP scanner with lasers for visible light excitation (405, 445, 488, 515, 561, 640nm) and a dual beam laser that is tunable from 680-1300nm. It also has a tunable spectral detection system for user-defined emission acquisition.


  • CFI75 Apo 25X Water dipping; NA = 1.1, WD = 1.43-2.04 mm
  • CFI75 LWD 16X Water dipping; NA=0.8, WD=3.0 mm
  • CFI90 APO 20X C Glycerin; NA=1.00, WD=8.2 mm

Location: This microscope is located in HDB 3.222KA.

Instrument Access: Assisted use and training for individual use are available. To schedule assisted use or training, please email Anna Webb.

Fees: trained users: $62/hour; assisted use: $132/hour